May 1, 2010

Saturday 8 miler - check.

On my run today, I kept thinking to myself, 8 miles in a marathon is just the warm up Beth - better start getting used to it. The weather was cooler, partially sunny, slight breeze and overall a very comfortable running climate. I ran at around 8:30 (it was hard getting up this morning despite Dogan's best efforts). Around mile 3 I could feel the outer thighs start to get sore (or perhaps the right word is tight?). So I paused for a few moments to stretch them out before continuing. They didn't start hurting again until around mile 7. There are 2 things I think I need to do next week for my long run - 1. change up the route (e.g. neighborhood) and 2. run with a group that has pace setters. I think it would be good for me and perhaps provide that extra motivation to keep going strong in mile 9.

The highlight of this run: the dude who clapped me on from his porch - thanks clapping dude.

This week's 8 miler route....

Week 3
Total Mileage this week: 19.86 Longest Run: 8.44

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