Here we go:

Has anyone tried the FRS healthy energy drinks or chews?

Has anyone tried the Gatorade trifecta (energize, rehydrate and repair or something like that)? I got some pre-game stuff but it tastes like pure fruit-punch sugar. Wondering what is good out there...

Running Shoes - I currently run in a pair of Brooks Adrenaline which I was fitted for... I love them deeply and am into my 2nd pair. As I start to increase my mileage, is it wise to have a spare pair that I start breaking in? How many shoes do I need in general and knowing the marathon isn't until October, how should I plan out my footware?

I know I have to start drinking water along my longer runs - does anyone have recommendations about what products are good to run with? I've seen those belts with some water containers on them, but hope to gain some personal experience guidance...

For the longer runs on Saturday, should I start out at my normal pace or take it easy knowing it will be a longer distance?

Should I carb load 1 or 2 days prior? Wondering what the timeframe is where the carbs become most useful.

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  1. ooh la la.. good questions. as for the water, i did use one of those belts for longer runs and liked it- i could also stash some energy gels in there (Gu and the luna energy chews were the only thing i could really stomach on the runs, but tried to get something in me every hour to keep up my energy), and also stashed some bottles for out and back runs, or planned my runs to run by a water fountain.

    i'd stay start out slow on the longer runs- you can always speed up the next time, but going too fast is a little harder to recover from.

    as for the chaffing, definitely shop around for sports bras!! running stores often have selected some good ones for you. i've never used it myself but some ladies really love the bodyglide!