May 9, 2010

Lucky # 9

I feel like I've kept to a good schedule this week - though weekday runs tend to be less intense perhaps than what they could be. Mind you, I start my runs after commuting to work by bike. I am nearly all trained up for a triathlon minus the swimming...

This weekend my goal was to run 9 miles. I was excited, pumping myself up the entire week and feeling positive about the distance. I mapped out my route prior to Saturday. I've never run straight south past Fremont before so I was curious how far I could get with 4.5 miles (there and back). As it turns out, I could run from Killingsworth to Division (almost exactly 4.5 miles). If you're not familiar with Portland, Killingsworth and Division are the north and south boundaries of being considered "close-in" to the center of the city (more or less). Except if I ever had to drive to Division, I would consider a major pain in the ass. Anyhow... back to the run.

The first 4.5 miles were easy - slight downhill the entire way. I thought to myself while running, "shit, I wonder what the incline will be coming back (I was taking a different street back). Well what goes down must come back up! The run back was pretty good - a bit slower than the first half, but I felt strong. In total the run was 9.33 miles and I felt like I could have kept going... which is good because next weekend is 10 miles! 

Might be time to start running with a group! 

Saturday's Run: 

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