May 19, 2010

Bay 2 Breakers 2010

Week 5 challenges included preparing for a weekend of fun and frivolity - and very little anticipated running. I got my major run in on a Thursday - which threw out of whack my normal running routine. I combine my 6.2 loop and my 5.5 loop for a grand total of 10.45 miles. Come the weekend, I was happy for the break.

Friday was spent traveling, basking in the sun on Stanford campus, eating delicious food and getting tipsy on expensive scotch. Needless to say, a Saturday run was not in the cards for this one! Sunday was the famous (infamous?) Bay to Breakers race - a unique San Fran 7-mile event from the Bay on Howard Street through Golden Gate Park to the ocean. Not knowing quite what to expect, my synopsis on the race is this: you either run it seriously and get as far front of the race as possible, or you dress up, grab a beer and party. It's hard to do both (which is what we did) because you are not running for time and you're not having nearly as much fun as those cheering you on in the wings (or on the course for that matter). I think out of the 7 miles, we probably ran about 3 in total. We did run up the hill (the only one on the course oddly enough) and it felt good to move after 2 days of drinking, eating and lazying about. I couldn't do any additional running on Sunday when I arrived home (though the weather was tempting!) to due to sheer exhaustion. That said, I start week 6.

Photos from the race...

I like to sport different colored hair for races...

This was just on one of the side streets - we weren't even on the race course yet...

These were the other variety of "runners" - the taunted us with their beer and shouting

There was a lot of this - walking, pointing and laughing...

Doesn't seem like it - but we're at the top of the big hill!

What's a race without a few leaps and bounds?

Happy to be done! In record time too! 2:19:20!

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