May 6, 2010

The Wednesday "hump"

Impending storm clouds over Portland
It so happened that I was able to carpool with my roommate yesterday, so I was able to run home from work (luckily this time without a backpack and the subsequent shoulder pain). Yet it seemed everything that could, went wrong. First off, I had to carry my phone, a few cards and my keys. The cards and keys were not such a big deal, but the weight of my iphone smacked across my ass (it was in the pocket of an extra fleece tied around my waist) and was thoroughly distracting.
Beautiful greens and blooms on an upward climb

Not even 1/2 a mile in, it started to downpour. Not a little sprinkle or mist - a complete soaking downpour. On top of it, I was in downtown Portland, so I had to keep stopping at lights. Eventually it let up, but the damage was done - I was wet with a smacked ass and no running groove. When the rain did stop and the sun came out (it's a miracle!), I put the phone in my palm which was much better. I trucked onwards and eventually got home... when I mapped it out later that night, it was actually 4.5 miles - which was a surprise because it only felt like 3 or 4 at most. Not my best run, but at least I put in the miles.

Today's Run:

The oddest photo - it's the cap to my hat... but I'm not there!

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