May 3, 2010

whoa - week 4

Starting strong in the week...

Ran 4.87 miles today. I decided that my runs with Dogan won't count toward my daily total anymore. Even though I am jogging - it's too slow and too stop / start for me to really get into a groove. They are excellent warm ups though and range between 1-2 miles.

Tonight's run was beautiful - the weather gods helped to keep the clouds parted for the duration of my run - even though a slight sprinkle and daunting clouds were pregnant with rain on all sides of me. I was a bit slow to get into the groove but the many thoughts wandering through my head helped to distract me. By mile two I was coasting - not thinking about the run at all. I wandered straight up 21st - a street I haven't yet been on - and it was beautiful. Gorgeous large houses with huge overhanging trees. The sun cast bright yellow light on the leaves and contrasted by the dark rain clouds, the sky was alight with color. By the time I got home, it hardly felt like I had run just under 5 miles. It felt more like 3. I fancy this running thing is getting easier!

Today's run:

I've carefully planned out my meals for this week to ensure that I am getting enough carbs to keep my muscles going all week long. A few weeks ago I did a 3-week cleanse diet and my weight went from 138 to 130. Since I've been teetering between 130-132. Now with all the running I've now dropped to 128. Though I don't miss the now-gone weight, I do need to have enough food to sustain me on my runs - hell to sustain me through the week. With running in the evenings, I've also done a bunch of meal prep to help ease the stress of cooking a big meal after a long day. I've steered towards cleanse-friendly foods, but have made a few exceptions (because life is all about exceptions after all). Tonight's dinner was spelt noodles with pine nuts, onions, garlic, black olives and feta cheese.

Ahh - sleep.
Week 3 (x=day y=miles)
My runs are in orange. I'm starting to follow a pattern...

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