May 23, 2010


Last week was hard. I started the week strong with a 7 and 6 mile weekday run - in good time too. But it took a toll on my knees and I started to experience soreness in everyday movements. As a result, I took Thursday and Friday off from running. At a certain point, running becomes a drug. Whether it's the endorphin high, self-image or even the justification for that pizza the other night - without it I start to become frustrated. It's a void in my daily routine that if prolonged, can start to effect my attitude. 

My days off plus shit Portland weather equaled a very resistant-to-running-Beth come Saturday morning. Saturday my goal was between 11-12 miles but unlike last weekend, I wasn't amped up, I wasn't excited and to be honest, I was coming up with every excuse to post-pone until Sunday. Regardless, I geared up in my sweats, tied my laces, opened the door and.... promptly shut it again. Pouring rain in 50 degree weather. Not a drizzle, a light wafting of water in the air - downpour. So I called my inspiration hotline (aka Becs) and told her of my woes. 

Her advice? The hardest part is getting out the door. Just get out there and start and you'll start to feel better. Also to not consider the run as 11 miles, but rather than <2 hours of running. I can do anything for two hours... within reason. So after the rain subsided, I dug out my Boston Red Sox baseball cap and headed out. For the first 6 miles, I did feel good. No knee pain - no rain. Hell, I even took off my long-sleeve shirt. It wasn't until around mile 9 that I started to feel my tibias tighten up. A few times I stopped to stretch out - which felt amazing until I had to start running again (at which point my body started to scream very foul things at me). Amazingly enough it didn't rain on me the entire time I ran - but as I started to come to the final stretch, I could see the pregnant impending storm clouds. It was motivation enough to get my ass back home in decent time; however, when I mapped out my run I was terribly frustrated that I was just shy of my 11 mile goal. That said, within 2 minutes of arriving home, the clouds broke open with rain.

Sure, 0.21 of a mile isn't much - but after I had put in all those miles prior - it still felt like a let down. Oh well - it's behind me now. I look forward this upcoming week, getting some good distances in and making sure I'm taking care of my body (yoga practice starts up again this week!). 


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