May 12, 2010

Running with a side of life

Last year when my friends were training for the marathon, they were lame. They went to bed between 9-10 on Friday nights and running seemed to take over their life - the weird thing is they seemed to enjoy it.

Last night I played volleyball with my team and rather than go out for a few social beers afterwards, I tightened my laces and ran the long way home. I thought, "running is a very solitary activity... better be careful to not become a recluse or after the marathon I won't have any friends left". That said, I was far happier to be running than consuming a pitcher of beer on a Tuesday night (though that has its perks as well). This week is one of those weeks where I am struggling to balance the two. I'm headed to San Francisco this weekend and as a result, don't think I'll have much time for my Saturday run. A friend suggested I alter my schedule and do the long run on Thursday.

I've been trying to put in the miles prior to Thursday (still unsure of when I'll fit in the run on Thursday as well), but it's been difficult with the dog and other miscellaneous stuff that comes up (apartment viewing, volleyball...). I think the killer is the dog. It might be a good warm up run, but it also takes 30-40 minutes to take Dogan out and I can't begrudge him that - he's been cooped up in the house all day. Arg.

Needless to say, this week has been a struggle and will continue to be a struggle into the weekend. Perhaps I'll sneak out early Sat morning for a quick run...

Long run this week is supposed to be 10-11 miles. Updates to come soon!

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