April 30, 2010


Week 1 & 2 graphed against 2 marathon training guides - Nike Marathon Coach and Portland Fit...

Week 1
Vertical Axis: Miles Horizontal Axis: Day
You can see that over the next couple of weeks that the two programs have a repetitive schedule, with slight mileage increases per week. I was definitely not on target for week one - even though I did most of the mileage. 

Week 2

This week I put in more miles but still off target. It's not always easy to run every day assigned and run the exact mileage when I have to do a "warm up" run with the dog first. Hopefully I'll start getting into more of a pattern over the next couple of weeks. I do think the important part is the long distance run on Saturdays. Tomorrow is the 2nd 8-mile run... going to pick a different route so as to keep things interesting.

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