May 24, 2010

Clothing Malfunction

I decided the Dogan-Pre-Run is a good little exercise in preparation. I say this because today I discovered it's a good way to suss out the clothing situation. See today, after killing it on the bike by passing a group of yuppie cyclists (think latex, clip ons and jerseys... oh wait - I'm becoming one of them!) at 21mph, I tossed on the running shoes and set out with the dog. I was half considering trying to push Dogan through a 4-miler when... shit... major wedgie. The underwear were those girls brief shorts and the wedgie was unstoppable and unfixable. I dealt with it to the dog park but decided to avoid major injury and walk the rest of the way home. I'm the type of person that once I set out, I VERY rarely turn back. Had I left for a run, I probably would have dealt with the impending wedge up my ass - but luckily the Dogan-Pre-Run allowed me the chance to change into wedge-free shorts. Crisis avoided. 

Today I ran 6.11 miles (roughly 10k). I felt a bit sluggish on parts and I tried to shorten my stride to avoid injuries later on in the week (meaning my knees). That said, I did pass two girls which felt pretty damn good. Today was also an i-pod day - so my pace naturally quickens pending on music. I iced my knees when I got home which only seemed to stiffen my joints even more. It's now 9:26, officially dark outside and my eyelids are struggling to stay awake. 

Volleyball tomorrow - so likely no run. 

I like the Cliff Cran-Razz shot blocks. Perhaps a little too much...

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