May 13, 2010

tick, tick, tick

So - as it turns out, I am not made for the mornings. I love them - they are beautiful and I have a sincere appreciation for them. I simply can not get out of bed to go running in the morning glory. So my run was switched to this afternoon.

Today's run was, up to this point, the furthest I have ever run. It felt pretty good, though I will have to start carrying some fluid around with me as I felt parched most of the way. 

So the ticks? My ankles. They won't shut up. I remember in high school having to creep up the stairs to turn off a hallway lamp - it was how my mother knew I got home okay. I remember not worrying about the steps creaking but my clicking ankles giving me away. I am a human metronome. The plus side to being so noisy is that pedestrians up ahead of me usually quickly turn around upon hearing my clicking ankles - as though some thing is approaching them from behind. It helps to clear the way for me to maneuver through them. I did some internet reading on it and the general consensus is that if it doesn't hurt, don't worry about it. I don't even want to think about what inside of me is actually making the clicking noises... I would just prefer to run and think my ankles are helping me keep rhythm.

The most exciting part of the run is the douche bag who nearly hit me while pulling out of his driveway. I think I scared him more than he did me. Fuckwit. Look both ways before pulling out douche! 

That said, 10 miles (10.45 to be exact) was a bit of a struggle. I read to have a few images stored in my mind for moments that get tough - I think about the happiest runs I've been on... I think about finishing the marathon. What actually did the trick though was thinking that I didn't have 1 mile left of 10 - that last mile was mile 25.2 and I had one more to finish. Surprisingly enough, these mental images do help and I revisit them often along my runs. 

Right now I'm exhausted, slightly achy and sore and ready for bed. This weekend is bay-to-breakers though the only corral we could get into was dead last (DFL). So I doubt it will be much of a race if we are able to muster a run at all - but it should be good fun and at the very least provide some humorous photos.

Today's run: 

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