June 23, 2010

Windsor is where exactly?

My work trip took me to a place I would unlikey visit otherwise... Windor, Canada. It's right across the river from Detroit and to be honest, doesn't offer up much in the ways of cozy cities. I was fortunate to have a work schedule that allowed me to explore a new area and admitedly, they have a nice pathway along the waterfront. Otherwise, it was a bit sketchy getting there from the hotel.

I love running on sidewalks. I used to be a big side-of-the-road runner (enter in Vermont where sidewalks are reserved for downtown spaces only). However, in some research about road running and gaining perhaps a bit too much information on the engineering of roads - I suddenly begin to feel the "tilt" that all roads have for stormwater drainage. No one ever likes to change the way they do something - especially if they enjoy doing it. Running on the road felt like a source of empowerment. I was brave enough to take on cars and leave the pedetrains their little slab. But now - with a desire to not injure anything, I have taken to running on sidewalks. Besides the odd bump or two or the occassional driver who recklessly backs out of their driveway without looking both ways, I have found sidewalk running a nice distraction from running. There are so many things you have to watch out for - uneven surfaces, other people, junk in the walkways, cars, the curbs from street to street... it keeps me engaged in my running and in the present moment. Sure - I like to drift of into my thoughts but when that is proving hard to do, I have started to welcome the distraction of those uneven walkways.

Got in some good miles this past weekend. The parentals are coming to visit soon and I can't wait to run with my dad. He's been a long time runner and much to my frustration, can still beat me at a 5k.

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