June 1, 2010

hello body

This weekend my Saturday run tapered a touch - with 9 miles scheduled I referred to a previous route. 9.31 miles at about an 8:30 pace... not too shabby! I also forced down a Shot Blok chew half way to see how my stomach would react. I didn't notice much from the shot blok - for some reason I always envisioned those little jelly cubes to be like that turbo button on those fancy car movies... but alas, I just kept running as per normal.

The other thing I did differently was I made sure to drink in carbs / proteins in a Odwalla shake within 15 minutes of running. I can say that I didn't feel my post-run slump as quickly as I normally do and my knees didn't hurt at all after thumping it out on the bitumen for 9 miles. I felt great. Not only that, but I followed my long run with a most excellent massage at Root Body Down (amazing). My back and I have a newfound friendship.

I took Sunday off and on Monday I decided to do a 30 mile bike ride instead of a 5 mile run. It felt great - especially because I tackled the hills like a superstar. At one point, coming down off of Mt Tabor, I had that surreal feeling of glee. It's a feeling I normally experience when traveling in far off distant lands... it felt great. After 30 miles, I felt amazing - no soreness, no tiredness... just happy. Happy with strawberries.

I've also been supplementing my exercise with yoga this week. So far, the practices have been amazing and I've left feeling more limber. I've also experienced soreness from using those muscles that haven't been worked recently - upper body, arms and abs. I am hoping I will see a difference in my running as well.

This week I incorporate speed training! :)

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