June 13, 2010

It's all mental.

I've been rather frustrated with my running as of late. Frustrated enough to vent to my roommate about it. No, work is fine, life is good. What was bothering me was my lack of enthusiasm to tie up the laces and hit the road. In the last two weeks, my running has taken a plummet. Am I physically tired? Am I getting enough nutrients? Is it a mental thing? Am I just sick of running? 

My training at this point (if I'm following a local running store's PDX Marathon training schedule) is to be 1/2 way to my goal - meaning that this weekend most people did a 1/2 marathon called the Helvetica Half. Considering over the last two weeks, I've probably run about 13 miles total... I was not feeling optimistic about being on target with my training schedule. I find that an unintentional short break can lead to a very intentional long break and results in a cascade of emotions... frustration, annoyance, guilt, anger... all directed commonly at myself. 

I don't know what led to the slump in my running - frustration with the 24/7 rain perhaps and an overall slump in mood. Well, talking with my roommate allowed me to at least get my frustrations out. Really the only solution was to run. Saturday called for highs of 70's and clear sunny skies. Portland has had about 4 straight weeks of overcast and rain. No joke. So I think the whole of Portland was anxious for some rays. When I woke up around 8, the skies were still freakin' overcast. I mean, really?! Jesus! Never mind - I needed to get a run in. I didn't map out my run prior to ensure I was doing an exact distance. Instead I went out with the mentality that whatever I did was good enough. My goal was to reach the St. John's Bridge - roughly 6 miles into North Portland. I started slow wanting to ensure I had enough juice to get me through the entire run. I didn't eat or drink prior to the run (which I find generally helps me). As I set out, the skies cleared and the beautiful sun in all it's glory came shining down. Thank you thank you thank you Sun God. 

To make a long story short, I reached my goal. I got to the St John's bridge and then turned back around and headed home. Towards the last 1-1.5 miles, my body was screaming profanities at me. It felt like the bottom half of me was going to fall apart. Luckily, my limbs stayed intact and I finished the run - albeit very sore. After mapping it out, it turns out I did 13.36 miles. Not bad! To top it off, I then hopped on the bike and added another 12-15 miles on the bike to go to my friend's graduation. My energy levels were sustained throughout the day and I have to say, the aftermath wasn't so bad. I'm a touch sore today, but nothing that doesn't feel slightly gratifying.


I leave for a work trip this week and I will now struggle with getting in some miles while on the road. Guess what the weather forecast is for where I'm headed? motherfuckingrain. It's all mental and I have to rise above...


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  1. Beth, Make sure you are mixing up your runs. Find someone to do a speed workout with or have someone drive you out to the middle of somewhere and work your way back. I find the best way to re-motivate myself is to go to a running store and buying a new top, or something that I can be excited about for the next run!!!