June 3, 2010

rain, rain. oh my rain.

I've started to get used to running in the rain. It certainly doesn't stop me like it once did before. That said, the consistent overcast skies and downpours do start to have a negative effect on one's mood despite all those nifty little endorphins created by running. This past week I have not necessarily been "slack" about my running - but it has tappered.

My run on Saturday was a worthy 9.35 miles at about an 8:40 pace. It felt okay - not stellar. Sunday I was off with the exception of a yoga class that I sure as hell felt the next morning. Did my arms not have any muscle to them before??!!Monday I decided to take my wheels out for a spin and did a 30 mile bike loop that included a triumphant climb up Mt. Tabor (really not as bad as I exepected) followed by a noteworthy yoga class. Tuesday it was clear my dog needed to get out of the house, so I relented and took him on my run. It was a paltry 2.5 miles at a slower pace, but it felt good to get out. Then came yesterday...

The skies parted and for the remainder of the afternoon the sun shined down on soggy Portland. It was amazing. It was beautiful. And I was utterly stumped about what to do. Bike ride? Dogan to dog park? Run? It was sunny - for the first time in weeks and I had the hardest time getting back out of the house. But run I did. My legs were calling for it. So I decided I'd do the 5 mile loop with hills. My rule of thumb was that if I ran down a hill, I had to sprint back up it. The sprints weren't so bad but for the remainder of my run, I was out of sorts. My shirt was too big (when did that happen?) making me feel clumsy and large, my clicking ankles annoyed me, my nose was running something fierce, my knees started to bug me and I had a slight cramp. Not fun. But I didn't give up. Goddamnit, I was going to get back home. It was freakin' sunny.

So that brings us to today. I still have no idea what I'll do. The Celtics are playing LA. The rain is holding off. It's First Thursday Run at Fit Right and there's yoga at 7:30. Decisions are not my strong suit.

Friday is my day off before a physically demanding weekend - a 55 mile bike ride event followed by my Saturday (now Sunday) long run and yoga to smooth my body out afterwards.

Also - congrats to Em and Tom McMannamy for completing their first relay marathon! Tom was my early days running partner back in Boston... and continues to be an inspiration :) Congrats guys!
YAY! Congrats!

Portland is down there... somewhere

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