June 9, 2010

A wee bit of a break that one...

I had my whole weekend planned out. A bike ride, a distance run, yoga. The weather was calling for sun... it was the perfect trifecta of physical activity. The problem, I learned, is that when you have high expectations of doing all these things, it's easy to get disappointed in their ability to take shape. Last week I managed to get in over 20 miles - but my 55-mile bike ride was scheduled for Saturday morning and realistically, I didn't think my legs would stay with me had I forced them 13 miles of pavement pounding. So I planned for a Sunday run instead. 

The bike ride was amazing. Despite three flat tires (think beginning, middle and end), I had a pretty damn awesome time at the Pioneer Century. It was my first bike event and boy was I ever a novice. No spare tube (I used it on the first flat), no pump, no CO2 canister, no patch kit and above all, no cell phone (I left it in the car thinking fate would get through the race without hiccup). A kind gentleman by the name of Patrick repaired my second flat tire at around mile 38, though he made sure to point out my shortcomings in regards to equipment. I conceded to being a bit of a novice and vowed to get all the necessary tidbits for the next event. Luckily the 3rd tire didn't deflate until right around the finish line... 

The scenery was amazing and reminded me a lot of Vermont - rolling hills, pastures, farmland and the like. The sun felt amazing and I now sport a very sexy bikers tan on both the arms and the legs. Photos of the event below. 

As for running, come Sunday my body won in the lazy factor. It was raining heavy - kind of in-between the rain right before a tornado and the rain that you don't stand a chance in staying dry in. I napped - napped some more and then - yup - napped (and read a book...). So my distance run was non-existent this weekend - something I will need to make up for on Saturday. I didn't run on Monday either due to work conflicts. In truth though - I wasn't even in the mood. It felt like I had gotten bored of running. Perhaps it's just the routes - they are all in my neighborhood and perhaps starting in a new location could be a good distraction. 

I ran 4.6 miles today - even though all I longed for was a nap. It felt good to be back running.

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