April 27, 2010

8 and onwards

 On Saturday I ran the longest distance I've ever run. Eight miles is probably a small number to most, but for a recreational runner, it's a distance I could never be bothered with before. My 10k run around the neighborhood is a great easy flat run - so I decided for my first 8 miler I would simply tack on 2 more miles. It was a great run - I started out at my normal pace at first but reminded myself to take it easy as it would be a longer run. It wasn't until the last mile that my legs - specifically the outer upper muscles of both legs - started to ache. Clearly my body is not used to anything above a 6.2! Regardless, I pushed through and finished strong - totaling around 8.5 miles. As I continue this training regime, I know I need to listen carefully to my body, it's limits and it's weaknesses. I don't want to run the risk of an injury nor do I want any lasting pains like many of my runner friends. I'm not training to get a great time, I'm training to finish. I need to keep that in mind as I push further with my weekend runs.

Today I had to endure what I hate most about running - running in the rain. I've never liked it for some reason, though today gave me reason to adjust my views. Having biked home, I was already wet, so I grabbed a baseball cap, tied my house key to my shoelaces, grabbed the leash and the dog and set out. Running with Dogan is frustrating and I try my best to be patient - he has been inside sleeping all day after all. I can tell when Dogan is struggling because he'll suddenly stop, look up at me and pretend to sniff some bushes. At that, I decided to turn around and head back home. Once he knew of our general direction (e.g. towards dinner), he was more than happy to pick up the pace. Once he was dried, fed and watered, I set back out for a real run.

I have loads of thoughts run through my head when I run...how pretty the leaves are, what a great house, what a dump, wonder what I should make for dinner tonight, this is easy breathing!, wonder if I should tack on some more blocks to increase distance - want to hit the hill on 18th, I like this top a lot - its so soft, that smells good - wonder who's coming to dinner, volleyball tomorrow - wonder when I'll fit in a run, perhaps after? And so on.

I realize that running is perhaps the most exemplary case of individual sport ever. Every person has such a unique running style - the way they strike their foot, the way they hold their arms, the clothes they prefer to wear, the time of day they prefer to run, the type of weather they won't run in, the music they listen to as motivation... really all runners have in common is a forward propulsion towards a distance goal.

Running in the rain does have a few benefits - namely, fewer runners are out for their evening jog. Don't get me wrong, I like runners - but I also like having the road to myself. And besides, I feel way more hardcore being one of the few in the rain. Yeah, that's all I can think of!

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