April 27, 2010


My first non-running related injury!

I've suffered some pretty good knee bruises as a result of volleyball (no, I don't wear the knee pads and yes, a select number of my pants have holes burned thru the fabric), but tonight I landed oddly right below the knee - for what seems to be the patellar tendon and upper tibia. It was a great save and thankfully we won the point, but fuck it hurts (sorry, language). So I took a photo pre-bruise. Mind you, this happened about 30 minutes ago. I bruise easily so I am just waiting for a good black and blue to shine through. Walking is a bit painful right now, but I've noticed after a warm up, the pain lessens. 

No running today as my volleyball schedule didn't accommodate it, so I'll have to pack on some extra miles tomorrow.

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