August 8, 2010

no running = fewer posts :(

So the pain is still there. I've talked to tons of people in the sports / massage / chiropractic world and I think it's a sprain. The only answer I got in terms of recovery is to stop running for the time being and hope it heals fast. The disappointing punch to all this is that I had just rounded off the middle of my training. And now I can't run.

So in the meantime, I've filled my time with other things - volleyball, tennis, cycling, hiking. I have a relay triathlon coming up to which I've been assigned the biking portion. Since I haven't really been training for that (besides my daily competitive commute with unsuspecting bikers heading home from work), I figure I can focus a bit more on strengthing my legs for that.

Otherwise, I did attempt to climb McNeil Point 3 times so far. This photo is the winning hike where we actually found the top - only to discover it was completely fogged over!

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