August 31, 2010

H2C... driving

I was originally cast to run in a Hood to Coast team - one of the larger relay races and a rather unique event in Portland. The relay consists of 12 people broken into 2 teams (or for the professional teams, commonly 6 runners who kick some major running butt) who have to run from Mt Hood to the Oregon Coast. The two teams leapfrog each other and start on a Friday afternoon, arriving in Seaside sometime on Saturday.

I wasn't feeling confident in my ability to pull my weight on the team. My injury is still persistent with any longer runs and even with smaller runs, I wasn't sure my hip would last running three legs of 4-6 miles each. So I gave up my spot and volunteered to drive the van instead.

It was an interesting experience driving the van. I desperately wanted to get out and run. Just seeing my friends run, getting pumped up, and celebrating a leg's finish made the running itch come out bad. I have decided it sucks to be the driver to an event that I would otherwise have been participating in. It's like being invited to a party and not being able to have any cake.

At one of the major exchanges. I must admit, it's hard to not be excited for everyone else... but still. I hate being a bystander!

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